Community service is one of the society’s main objectives. Voluntary work is an integral part of every growing community and the society aspires to aid Saudi Arabia’s population and patients by offering an educational platform as a reference that will contribute to more awareness in all that’s related to Dermatology. Some initiatives to achieve the society’s goals include:

  • Raising awareness, educating and correcting misconceptions running in society.
  • Offering advice and consultations to the community through open communication channels.
  • Organizing national campaigns of common Dermatological disorders .
  • Releasing periodic newsletters that further strengthen the physician to patient communication.
    Utilizing the website as a platform rich in educational material for the community.
    Offering access to audiovisual educational material through the society’s YouTube channel.
    Providing the public with quick access to board-certified dermatologists who can offer answers to their questions.
  • Organizing special day events such as world Psoriasis day.
    Organizing seminars to the public addressing pressing topics in the community.
    Organizing live Seminars customized to discuss a particular topic or issue of interest to specific community groups.
  • Conducting cross-sectional studies when possible to screen and further acknowledge public needs.