Occupational skin manifestations



It is possible for some skin manifestations to arise due to an individual’s occupation, some of those occupations include hairdressers, food industry, health care, farmers, construction. Parts affected depend on exposure, mostly hands.


An individual’s likelihood of developing occupational skin manifestations includes an individual’s predisposition, hygiene, and exposure. These conditions arise due to exposure to chemicals such as rubber additives, hair dyes, cement, arsenic. Furthermore, biological exposure plays a role as well some of which include contact with an infected human, plants, and animals. In addition to the above, physical exposure may contribute which consist of mechanical trauma, heat, humidity, cold, and radiation. The most common conditions in these individuals are hand dermatitis, mechanical injury, and infections. Some precautions should be taken to prevent such skin manifestations by identifying, minimizing, and eliminating the causes. Moreover, monitoring the workers with relation to the exposure and appropriate treatment when indicated.


Occupational skin manifestations are common in wet working environments, for example, hairdressers, food industry, health care workers, and farmers. Steps should be taken to avoid such skin manifestations and injuries.




Written by: Khalid Al Dakheel, Medical Student