Webinar-5 New Advances in Androgenetic Alopecia

انتهى ولله الحمد

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  1. Wesam elgendy says:

    Best treatment of androgenic alopecia ?is plasma has good effect for androgenic alopecia?what case advise pt for hair transplantation

  2. Abdullah Altamimi says:

    Yet again, another interesting lecture about a very common complaint worldwide. Thank you Saudi society of dermatology and dermatological surgery for your ongoing effort in dermatology- related medical education.

  3. naglaa says:

    good topic. and very important specially for femal i would like to ask. about hear falling and growing to be. tall

  4. Aziza says:

    للأسف لم تسمح لي الضروف للأنضمام اليكم. ولكن كل ثقه فيكم وبيض الله وجهكم وزادكم من فضله

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